4 Day Course - 
All On X Course

Total Implant Solutions is proud to present this comprehensive, detailed, step-by-step program on the All On X  implant surgical presurgical planning, surgical procedures and protocols. 

What you will discover in the course

Digital Workflow on how to do All on X procedures without any technical skills. By Monday you will be able to implement the digital conversion if you have all the equipment.   

How to Make All on X Profitable and Easy.

Dental Assistant Training on how to restore All on X Hybrid. No lab tech needed

Patient selection and Treatment Planning - Pre-Operation Patient’s Condition Assessment for All On X

Digital workflow for zygomatic implants to provide same-day restoration using 3D printers and photogrammetry. YOU and YOUR ASSISTANT get to do this. NOT JUST WATCH A LECTURE.

Life changing event for patients and doctors. Humbled to be a part of it. Thanks again Vishi! 

Check Out These Success Stories From Dentists Just Like You! 

Dr. Bill, Pagosa Dental Implant Center 

Dr. B is an outstanding oral surgeon. His work ethics and bed-side manner are amazing. He performed both an implant and an extraction on me in no time with great precision. I would whole-heartedly recommend him. I travelled from Texas to Arizona just to see him. 

Hamed Mizani 

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100% Satisfactions Guaranteed