4 Day Course - Zygomatic Implants

Total Implant Solutions is proud to present this comprehensive, detailed, step-by-step program on the zygomatic implant surgical presurgical planning, surgical procedures and protocols.

What you will discover in the course

Digital Workflow on how to do All on X procedures without any technical skills. By Monday you will be able to implement the digital conversion if you have all the equipment.   

How to treat severe atrophic maxilla with zygomatic implants.

Dental Assistant Training on how to restore All on X Hybrid. No lab tech needed

Patient selection and Treatment Planning - Pre-Operation Patient’s Condition Assessment for zygomatic implants. 

Digital workflow for zygomatic implants to provide same-day restoration using 3D printers and photogrammetry. YOU and YOUR ASSISTANT get to do this. NOT JUST WATCH A LECTURE.

Life changing event for patients and doctors. Humbled to be a part of it. Thanks again Vishi! 

Check Out These Success Stories From Dentists Just Like You! 

Dr. Bill, Pagosa Dental Implant Center 

Dr. B is an outstanding oral surgeon. His work ethics and bed-side manner are amazing. He performed both an implant and an extraction on me in no time with great precision. I would whole-heartedly recommend him. I travelled from Texas to Arizona just to see him. 

Hamed Mizani 

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